Harvest Ventura is committed maintaining a plurality of qualified elders. The term “plurality” refers to “more than one in number” and indicates that the New Testament pattern is to have multiple elders leading a single church. The wisdom of plurality among leadership lies at the surface.

  • Plurality leads to more gifts being used in leadership of the church. A variety of gifts are needed to lead the church, which no one man possesses. Some pastors are detail men; others are big picture men.  Some are articulate communicators; others are creative and artistic. All of us together contribute to the way the body of Christ works.
  • Plurality is a distribution of labor. The equipping of the congregation to do the work of ministry requires the time and energy of more than just one man. Whether it be theological education, evangelism training, or discipleship, the work of the church necessitates multiple leaders to be faithful.
  • Plurality is an exemplary demonstration of unity and Christlikeness. When one man says,”follow me as I follow Christ” the church gets to benefit from the lessons and experiences of that man’s life. When three men say, “follow me as I follow Christ” the church benefits exponentially. No one elder has learned all the lessons that the congregation needs to learn. No one elder has experienced all the experiences that the church needs to be faithful in. Since the congregation becomes like their teacher (Luke 6:40) better to have more teachers.
  • Plurality is a safeguard against bad leadership decisions. As a team of men who seeking the will of god together. Each man praying on his own and praying together for God’s direction. Each man searching the scripture for the will of God and the mind of Christ. Each man speaking openly with individual past experiences, personal training and unique perspectives.
  • Plurality is accountability among elders. 1 Timothy 5 teaches caution when receiving an accusation against an elder because many false accusations will be brought against church leadership. Meanwhile it also encourages swift discipline of elders who are unrepentant in sin. This type of accountability and discipline can only come from a plurality of leaders against a fellow elder. Biblical leadership requires mutual accountability which is necessary if leaders are to avoid falling into sin;

There is only one who is capable of singlehandedly leading and protecting the church. He is Christ, the only head of the church. Under Christ as the chief shepherd, God uses of plurality of godly men to lead his church.
*next week: Elders and unity