Unity is Changing The World
July 29, 2018

Unity is Changing The World

Passage: Acts 15:22-35

Big Idea: Pursue Unity around the gospel

5 Ways You Can Intentionally Demonstrate Gospel Unity Today

  • Team up with gospel believing coworkers to evangelize in your workplace
  • Expose your children to your church family by inviting other church families into your home
  • Humbly listen to those who agree about the gospel but disagree on lesser things
  • Carefully control your tone and terminology when conversing on less than essential issues
  • Never publicly shame a gospel shame a gospel proclaimer or gospel proclaiming church
  1. Pursuing unity is hard work but worth it
  2. Pursue unity by prioritizing gospel truth

Guidelines for Christian Conduct:

  • In essentials: unyielding
  • In foundational truths: lovingly persuading
  • In important truths: humble conversation
  • In everything: humility

3. Pursue Unity by forsaking personal freedoms